Way too many times…


Too Many Times
WARNING: I have watched Zootopia way too many times with my younger hatchling.

They have a fish market in TundraTown for the cold weather predators. What about the others? Are they relegated to fish or veggie stuff? Fish are animals, too.

No cats or dogs? So just traditionally/historically wild animals, I guess.

Something I just noticed on the latest viewing- I do not think birds exist in their world. Not that I’ve noticed, anyhow. Must have been written by a New Yorker or Londoner.

Damned pigeons. (Yes, I’m a NYer by birth).

She found it!

A few days ago my mom found her memoirs! We thought she may have left them in Cuba during her last visit. She had left them in a rather logical place – her desk. Yeah. 

I just finished my third week at the new job – loving it so far! I have about two more weeks of training to go. I’m hoping to get a permanent spot there quickly – insurance through the team agency is rather expensive. Not to mention the non-insurance perks working there are great!

Hopefully, I’ll have the energy soon to start work on moving the memoirs over to ebook format. I’ll need to translate it into English as well. I’m not sure if I’ll do both at the same time or not, so it may take a while.  

My posting has been rather sporadic, but I will do my best to remedy that.  

So let it be written. So let it be done.


I finally got a job! It’s temporary, but that is the easiest way to get into this company. They love hiring their permanent employees from their temp pool. I’ve had my eye on them for years, even before the layoff – I just never had a reason to really get started applying there.

However, I still haven’t found the ONLY existing copy of my mom’s memoirs. She thinks she may have taken it to Cuba on her last trip. She emailed her brother to check and will be checking herself when she goes again soon.


Mami’s history…

Mami’s History…

So, I’ve been thinking of publishing my mom’s memoirs (with her permission, of course). It would most likely be done on Kindle and/or iBooks. It would be bilingual Spanish/English – gracias Mami for already having done the translation.  

She’s from Cuba, but there isn’t too much about politics in it. It’s more personal/family-oriented with everything else being peripheral to her life story. Besides that, she and my father left the island less than 10 years after everything happened in 1959. 

Any thoughts? Would anyone be interested? Please let me know.

Thanks, my loyal & patient readers.

Much love 💕

All’s quiet…

Today, I tendered my resignation at the call center job that has been driving me insane for most of the time I’ve been there. My team manager & operations manager weren’t there, but I copied them on my email to the shift manager.  

I’m guessing shift guy hadn’t read the email I sent within an hour of arriving this morning since he didn’t say anything about it. I handed in my headphones & badge to his assistant (he was conducting a training session), said goodbye to three people quietly, and I was off to freedom!

I start my security guard training class on Monday. Frankly, I should have done this months ago.  

I’m so happy! (Cue Gru dancing around town to the Pharrell song)

Weird Dreams

Ok, here’s a short one from last night. Quick background – my other half has been working as a security guard for the last 3 months. 

It’s 7:30 a.m. and I’m just waking up. I see a coworker of MOH come in to my room (after my mom lets him into the house) holding MOH’s badge and waving it about a bit. I’m worried something bad has happened as MOH should be the one I’m seeing. He tells me that M went to Taco Bell and is now in the mental health/psych ward at the hospital getting chemotherapy.  

The description doesn’t match any of M’s coworkers, there is no Taco Bell at the mall, and psych ward for chemo? WTF?

Oldy but shorty & goody from my childhood:

Chewbacca and his mate show up in a blue convertible and ask me if I want to go to their home planet with them. Thank you, crappy Star Wars holiday special for one of the oddest dreams ever.  

Then there’s the one where I’m Princess Leia…

I’m in a fighter getting ready to take off (assuming it’s an X-wing, I don’t remember what it looked like). The hanger I’m in is balanced on a really tall pole. The hanger starts tipping forward (battle going on/got hit by a blast of some sort? Never saw what was going on outside). As my fighter starts falling out the opening, the dream ends. ???

Reading & watching the same things over & over

I love reading my favorite books & watching the same movies or tv shows (most recently season 3 of Sherlock) multiple times. Doing this has a certain feeling of comfort and pleasure that is almost indescribable. Yes, my library is a bit overgrown compared to some.

I understand not everyone is into reading or movies/tv. What I have a bit of a time understanding is when people really liked something, but only want to experience it once, flat out refusing to do it a second time. They can be so against it that they ridicule/tease those of us who enjoy it.

Is anyone out there able to explain this to me?

Once more unto the breach, my friends…


Everything can be a learning experience. I’ve been at the new job for a month now. It’s a variation on what I had done for 15 1/2 years, with sales thrown in for some variety (call center). I’m getting decently good at this sales bit, but it is not for me at all.

My issues with inaccurate information coming from a certain sector of management aside, I like being able to get out on time (or as close to it as possible), not getting stuck at work for an extra 30/40 minutes with a long call/order coming in at the last moment.  

There are other relatively minor irritations that aren’t bad on their own and no big deal to tolerate, but combined with the two mentioned above – they wear thin.  

The job search has begun anew.  

Time to follow the yellow brick road again…

Experiment #4

Experiment # 5

Write an excuse note to the teacher for why your fourth-grader’s Roman Colosseum model was not completed in time.

Hi Ms. Jones,

We’re sorry that little Julie’s model wasn’t finished in time to be turned in on Friday – we have had a stomach bug of some sort making its way through the house. The doctor could never quite figure out what was going on. We were just able to get it finished last night (Sunday) to turn it in today. Thank You so much.

Jane Doe-Smith

Write a note to a mother for why her fourth-grad child’s Roman Colosseum model will not be put on display. 

Dear Mrs. Doe-Smith,

Little Julie’s model will not be put on display. She will not be getting a passing grade.  

First of all, remember I’m your neighbor. When I’m in my backyard, I can hear everything you say when you are in yours. Including when you were talking to your friend about the model you bought for LJ to turn in since you thought the assignment was stupid.

Second of all, the Roman Colosseum was not hot pink.

Next time (please don’t do this again, but just in case…) you do this, you may want to make sure you buy the correct color. Also, you should really remove the price tag.

Ms. Jones

Experiment # 4

Sucky Boss
You just won the lottery, so you quit the job you hate under the boss who has always been mean to you. Write the resignation letter.  

Dearest TwitHead, 
Yahoo!!! I won the lottery and am getting away from you. Considering your total lack of people skills and professionalism, I have no idea how you’ve kept your job for so bloody long. Try admitting you’re human and don’t know everything once in a while – you would be amazed at how far that goes in getting people to think better of you. 

A last word of advice – people talk in an office environment. You really think that we don’t compare notes on run-ins with you?

Good luck in your future endeavors

You realize you misread a number and you didn’t win the lottery after all. Now you need you or job back. Write that letter.

Hey Twitty,
Oops, I misread my lottery ticket. I really should have confirmed at the store that I had the correct numbers. See – admitting I’m not perfect.

Yes, I need my job back. However, I wouldn’t put myself through working with you again. I’ve found employment elsewhere. The pay sucks, but my boss is human and admits it. And kissing their ass is not needed – it is actually frowned upon. HA!