Alan Rickman

I’m taking a slight break from the experiment tonight. 

I found out about the passing of Alan Rickman earlier today. I’ve been enjoying his work for over 20 years. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Die Hard, The January Man, Close My Eyes, the Harry Potter series, Love Actually, Truly Madly Deeply, Mesmer (to be watched soon), and Galaxy Quest, and many more I have yet to see but have no doubt are great examples of his work. I would have given anything to see him on stage as well.

Mr Rickman – spoons may hurt more because they’re dull, but no spoon is duller than the loss of your brilliant and gentle talent. You will be greatly missed, beloved Severus.

By Grabthar’s Hammer, by the suns of Worvan…

It’s that time again!

Because of your assistance in a case against a mobster, you and your family must now choose a new place to live:

A working farm in a very conservative/religious area (Other Half is a major city boy and I like the country to a point, but not country chores; we are not people of faith – much respect to those who are, it’s just not for us) – no one who knows us would look for us there.
An identity in that new place:

Leading members in the local church or its pastors. I would dye my hair blonde (I’ve done it before – not a good idea on me, trust me) & wear a lot of pink (hate it).

From the desk of POTUS, Dumbledore, and God

What do the Post-it note reminders say on the desks of the following people:  

The President of the United States: Two more years of working with adults who act worse than spoiled children when they don’t get their way. Patience, self, only two more years. Then maybe they’ll stop bitching when I visit family at Christmas. Then again…

Dumbledore: Note to self – try to figure out what the bloody hell is it with Slytherin house that produces so many dark wizards? Brilliant lot, but serious issues, some of them. I miss G.

God: REALLY? All these years and some of you still don’t understand Love thy neighbor and that whole “don’t judge lest ye be judged/unless you’re perfect, shut it”? Oh, and that whole door-to-door thing? Read Matthew 6:5-6. Twice. 

Where the hell was I unclear? Yes, I get the irony.   

Still here!  :)

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. Unemployment has left me with the time, but very little desire, to write. I’m getting back into to the swing of things, though. Hopefully, the interview I have coming up in a couple of days will go well. If not, I’m (most likely) off to unarmed security guard training.
I’m trying a bit of an experiment with my next few posts. I’ll be using writing prompts from this neat little book I found – “642 tiny things to write about” by The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto. I hope y’all like what I come up with.
See you soon. Same Bat-time, same bat-channel.

An old paper for class

I’ve been stressing lately due to this whole first-time-Ive-had-to-look-for-a-job-in-15-years bit, so I haven’t had the desire to write much. However, I remember writing a mission statement (from a future point of view) for a class I took a couple of years ago. I figured some of you might like it. At the time, we had started considering possibly moving to Georgia at some point (still a thought, just slightly delayed due to the surprise known as Hatchling # 2, aka SharkBoy.

Hope y’all like this:

Here I am, about to face my 65th birthday party with my husband of 41 years and our 2 children at our side.  I just can’t believe everything that I finally accomplished – buying an Irish pub to run in my retirement, retiring from the extras casting agency here in Atlanta, finishing school after so many major changes and stops and starts, and in better shape than I have been since shortly after graduating from high school.

I’ve enjoyed so many years working at the agency.  I could have gone to Los Angeles to work with the big casting directors out there, but life here was perfect.  I was still able to work in the entertainment industry and maintain a normal (whatever normal actually is) life for my family.  Some of my colleagues are surprised that I was able to make it this far without playing the typical entertainment business games, but kissing butt never was and never will be my style.  I think that actually set me apart from others and helped me.  My children both have gone into the industry themselves as stunt people, although my daughter seems to be leaning more towards stunt coordinating now that she’s hit her early 30s.  Thanks to her work, along with her brother and their closest colleagues, stunt people will finally be recognized with an Oscar category by the Academy this coming year.

My ever-patient husband finally had his trilogy published a few years ago and at least the first book is being turned into a series on HBO.  They’ve decided to film here in Georgia as well.  We can’t wait for production to begin soon.  They’ve cast a couple of the extras I used to work with on a regular basis as the lead and one of her main supporting characters.  I’m so glad I was able to help them – they are wonderful and truly deserve this break.  Actually, the agency has been contracted to handle all local casting and is trying to get me to come out of retirement to help.

If I hadn’t been able to manage my bachelor’s degree in theatre at Kennesaw State, I don’t know if I would have gotten this far.  A business degree or a film degree (I couldn’t stand the thought of another math class, so that changed to my AA in pre-bachelor, and the film degree just couldn’t be worked around our family life) would have helped more, but the theatre degree worked into our family life quite well once we arrived in Georgia.  Finishing my AA, especially with the surprising news that we had a second child (Love you, SharkBoy) on the way, wasn’t easy.  With two little ones to set an example for now and the help of my husband and mother, I was able to get things done.  I only wish my father had lived to see me graduate.

Now, I just need to get ready for the grand opening of my pub.  What have I gotten myself into this time?!

Quick rant about book fans and adaptations they take issue with

I’m both a book fan and a film fan.  I understand that not everything on the printed page translates well to the screen for whatever reason – pacing of the movie could be affected (causing more complaints) and some things are just more fantastical when left to our imaginations.  Here’s an example – I’m a Harry Potter fan – the books and movies.  I adore JKR, but have no problem whatsoever with the elfs’ rights storyline in HP & The Order of the Phoenix being left out of the movie.  It would have majorly slowed it down.

Why can’t others figure this out?  Someone please explain 🙂

Patience & webcomics

I had started reading this online comic – Sorcery101 – a while back.  I don’t remember why I stopped; knowing me – I probably caught it in the middle of a break between chapters and didn’t have the patience to wait.  I have since resolved my little patience issue 🙂  And  right on time – I found Sorcery101 again!  

I absolutely love this webcomic!  The writing is pretty damned good and I love the artwork.  I’ve been binging the past few days since I found it and have now caught up again.  Ugh 😛

Other webcomics I would recommend – Dumbing of Age, Questionable Content, and Alice Grove.

Sorcery 101
Dumbing of Age
Questionable Content
Alice Grove

I’d say more, but I realize not everyone likes spoilers like I do 🙂  

Out of the mouth of babes, part two

So, I’m laying down in bed the other day and TEH comes up and pokes my belly.  “It’s so jiggly [like jello].  Why is it so squishy and jiggly?”  Not in a rude manner, just very matter-of-fact.  Oh boy. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that kids survive some of their ill-thought (however polite) comments for the same reason kittens and puppies survive some of their ‘precious’ behaviours.  They’re just too damned cute to be mad at for too long.  Gotta love ’em!

Out of the mouth of babes…

Hatchlings can say the cutest things sometimes. Other times, they’re lucky their lifespan doesn’t get shortened.

Now, I’m a woman of some size – 5’5″, about a US size 22. I was watching Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” with The Older Hatchling, who must have been about 7 at the time. I mention that I liked the white outfit (briefs/panties, sparkly things hanging about her head, etc.). Totally serious, like she’s just stating a matter of fact, not meant to be mean, she says “But you’re too big for that.” Lucky little creature.

Now, this next one happened about two years prior to the Gaga Incident.  We are not morning or just-woken-up people.  We’re smartasses as well and Mamma Smartass (Hi! Just call me MS) has a mouth.  It’s about 6:15 pm.  Papa Smartass is asleep (he works graveyard shift) and The Elder Hatchling (TEH) is asleep next to me on the sofa.  Left to her own devices, she would have slept until 9 and not passed out again until close to my midnight, killing my Momma time to do whatever (read, watch tv or a movie, etc).  The grandparent we share a house with would be asleep by 10.  This child needed to wake up now!

So, MS decides to poke & tickle TEH and generally annoy her until she wakes up.  Little darling sits up half awake and mutters ‘F*** off’ and falls right back to sleep.  I was too busy laughing and reminding myself it was my own bloody fault to get mad at that one.  In her defense, it’s the only time she ever used that word.  Smart girl