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Kids.  Gotta love ‘em

What is it about having kids that leaves a huge, gaping wound that never closes? Why does it all of a sudden become impossible to reread a book or rewatch a movie you previously enjoyed, despite what happened to the young character in it, without crying your head off? That’s if you can even bring yourself to read or watch it again to begin with.  

Because we love the everliving shit out of our little monsters and can’t help but see them even when they’re not right in front of us. They worm their way into our hearts & minds and set up shop permanently, the little brats. Just like they should.

I love my hatchlings and woe-is-me to anyone that ever messes with the little book ruiners 💕💕

Reading & watching the same things over & over

I love reading my favorite books & watching the same movies or tv shows (most recently season 3 of Sherlock) multiple times. Doing this has a certain feeling of comfort and pleasure that is almost indescribable. Yes, my library is a bit overgrown compared to some.

I understand not everyone is into reading or movies/tv. What I have a bit of a time understanding is when people really liked something, but only want to experience it once, flat out refusing to do it a second time. They can be so against it that they ridicule/tease those of us who enjoy it.

Is anyone out there able to explain this to me?