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Silly cook…

Note to self: get a bloody apron (and possibly goggles & long-sleeved shirts) for use when cooking. Cooking in a tank top while being well-endowed (and a klutz) does not go well together.   

Thankfully, the pink spots on The Girls from the oil should be gone by morning. The one drop at landed on my face thankfully didn’t go further up than my lower eyelid. My arms are used to it by now. No wonder I started oven-baking everything for a while.  

Steaks. Frying pan. Apparently not-too-gentle placing of meat in pan. Enough said.

The situation thus far…

I’m about to start my fourth week out of training in my new job. I’ve settled in and am feeling very comfortable so far.  

Already, I’ve been given additional responsibilities – not something I expected so soon. Thankfully, I am only making outgoing calls (and not many at that). I work at a speciality insurance company in the processing department – no more call center work for this woman. After 15 1/2 years at one doing customer service and 2 1/2 hellish months at another doing customer service/sales, I just couldn’t take it anymore. The few weeks I spent at the call center for this insurance company (as a temp) weren’t bad, I’m just burnt out like you wouldn’t believe.  

I’m so de-stressed that I’ve picked up my instant camera again the other day (an adorable light blue Fujifilm instax mini 8) for the first time in months! I’m particularly excited by the release of black & white instant mini film by Fujifilm sometime next month. Not to mention, the release sometime next spring of the Instax SQUARE. The shots won’t be the same size as the old Polaroid/current Impossible Project pictures, but at least it’s square, which I loved as a wee one. I’m actually planning on adding the SQUARE to my camera collection next year. Right now, it’s my mini 8 and my Canon Elph point & shoot digital camera. I have an old Yashica film camera that belonged to my dad, but it’s not in working order anymore. I’ll post pictures of my darlings soon. 

Yes, I’m a bit old-school. Digital is great (I would love a Canon Rebel SL1 and Nikon Coolpix p900 eventually if I get into digital photography more), but nothing beats the reminders of childhood and the instant gratification of instant photography. At least we don’t have to buy flash cubes as well as the film. Yeah, I’m that old :p

She found it!

A few days ago my mom found her memoirs! We thought she may have left them in Cuba during her last visit. She had left them in a rather logical place – her desk. Yeah. 

I just finished my third week at the new job – loving it so far! I have about two more weeks of training to go. I’m hoping to get a permanent spot there quickly – insurance through the team agency is rather expensive. Not to mention the non-insurance perks working there are great!

Hopefully, I’ll have the energy soon to start work on moving the memoirs over to ebook format. I’ll need to translate it into English as well. I’m not sure if I’ll do both at the same time or not, so it may take a while.  

My posting has been rather sporadic, but I will do my best to remedy that.  

So let it be written. So let it be done.

An old paper for class

I’ve been stressing lately due to this whole first-time-Ive-had-to-look-for-a-job-in-15-years bit, so I haven’t had the desire to write much. However, I remember writing a mission statement (from a future point of view) for a class I took a couple of years ago. I figured some of you might like it. At the time, we had started considering possibly moving to Georgia at some point (still a thought, just slightly delayed due to the surprise known as Hatchling # 2, aka SharkBoy.

Hope y’all like this:

Here I am, about to face my 65th birthday party with my husband of 41 years and our 2 children at our side.  I just can’t believe everything that I finally accomplished – buying an Irish pub to run in my retirement, retiring from the extras casting agency here in Atlanta, finishing school after so many major changes and stops and starts, and in better shape than I have been since shortly after graduating from high school.

I’ve enjoyed so many years working at the agency.  I could have gone to Los Angeles to work with the big casting directors out there, but life here was perfect.  I was still able to work in the entertainment industry and maintain a normal (whatever normal actually is) life for my family.  Some of my colleagues are surprised that I was able to make it this far without playing the typical entertainment business games, but kissing butt never was and never will be my style.  I think that actually set me apart from others and helped me.  My children both have gone into the industry themselves as stunt people, although my daughter seems to be leaning more towards stunt coordinating now that she’s hit her early 30s.  Thanks to her work, along with her brother and their closest colleagues, stunt people will finally be recognized with an Oscar category by the Academy this coming year.

My ever-patient husband finally had his trilogy published a few years ago and at least the first book is being turned into a series on HBO.  They’ve decided to film here in Georgia as well.  We can’t wait for production to begin soon.  They’ve cast a couple of the extras I used to work with on a regular basis as the lead and one of her main supporting characters.  I’m so glad I was able to help them – they are wonderful and truly deserve this break.  Actually, the agency has been contracted to handle all local casting and is trying to get me to come out of retirement to help.

If I hadn’t been able to manage my bachelor’s degree in theatre at Kennesaw State, I don’t know if I would have gotten this far.  A business degree or a film degree (I couldn’t stand the thought of another math class, so that changed to my AA in pre-bachelor, and the film degree just couldn’t be worked around our family life) would have helped more, but the theatre degree worked into our family life quite well once we arrived in Georgia.  Finishing my AA, especially with the surprising news that we had a second child (Love you, SharkBoy) on the way, wasn’t easy.  With two little ones to set an example for now and the help of my husband and mother, I was able to get things done.  I only wish my father had lived to see me graduate.

Now, I just need to get ready for the grand opening of my pub.  What have I gotten myself into this time?!