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Experiment # 4

Sucky Boss
You just won the lottery, so you quit the job you hate under the boss who has always been mean to you. Write the resignation letter.  

Dearest TwitHead, 
Yahoo!!! I won the lottery and am getting away from you. Considering your total lack of people skills and professionalism, I have no idea how you’ve kept your job for so bloody long. Try admitting you’re human and don’t know everything once in a while – you would be amazed at how far that goes in getting people to think better of you. 

A last word of advice – people talk in an office environment. You really think that we don’t compare notes on run-ins with you?

Good luck in your future endeavors

You realize you misread a number and you didn’t win the lottery after all. Now you need you or job back. Write that letter.

Hey Twitty,
Oops, I misread my lottery ticket. I really should have confirmed at the store that I had the correct numbers. See – admitting I’m not perfect.

Yes, I need my job back. However, I wouldn’t put myself through working with you again. I’ve found employment elsewhere. The pay sucks, but my boss is human and admits it. And kissing their ass is not needed – it is actually frowned upon. HA!