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Weird Dreams

Ok, here’s a short one from last night. Quick background – my other half has been working as a security guard for the last 3 months. 

It’s 7:30 a.m. and I’m just waking up. I see a coworker of MOH come in to my room (after my mom lets him into the house) holding MOH’s badge and waving it about a bit. I’m worried something bad has happened as MOH should be the one I’m seeing. He tells me that M went to Taco Bell and is now in the mental health/psych ward at the hospital getting chemotherapy.  

The description doesn’t match any of M’s coworkers, there is no Taco Bell at the mall, and psych ward for chemo? WTF?

Oldy but shorty & goody from my childhood:

Chewbacca and his mate show up in a blue convertible and ask me if I want to go to their home planet with them. Thank you, crappy Star Wars holiday special for one of the oddest dreams ever.  

Then there’s the one where I’m Princess Leia…

I’m in a fighter getting ready to take off (assuming it’s an X-wing, I don’t remember what it looked like). The hanger I’m in is balanced on a really tall pole. The hanger starts tipping forward (battle going on/got hit by a blast of some sort? Never saw what was going on outside). As my fighter starts falling out the opening, the dream ends. ???